How do I edit the Accounting Settings for an Auction?

Edit Auction- Accounting

At the bottom of the Create Auction and/or Edit Auction page is a tab called Accounting. This is where you will control your basic accounting settings. All fields with an asterisk must be filled.


1. To find Edit Auction, start at the dashboard and find your auction. Then go to Auction–> Edit Settings. 

2. Click on the Accounting tab.

3. Set your Buyer’s Premiums, CC Premiums and Fees, and Select your Payment Gateway here. 

4. Insert the cap amount for your Buyer's Premium next to Premium Cap.

5. Is your Buyer's premium taxable? If so, check the box next to Buyer's Premium Taxable. Under Tax Options, Add any tax codes for your particular area or items. If the auction is tax exempt, check the box. 


Congratulations! Your accounting preferences have been set.


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