How to send emails through Wavebid (Marketing and Invoices)

There are several ways to use emailing in our system. 

In Partner Management, you can configure Wavebid to use your personal or company e-mail account as the "From" address (otherwise emails sent out of Wavebid come from For more information on setting up your e-mail in Partner Management, click here.

Emails can be used for both Marketing and sending Invoices. If you would like to set up different "Reply To" emails for marketing and invoices, you can do so on the Email Settings page (From the dashboard, go to My Links--> Company-->Email Settings.)

Enter the "Reply to" email address you would like to use, and whether it is for marketing or invoices. Click Save. An e-mail will be sent to that address with a link for validation. In the example below, for example, after the email is validated, any reply to an invoice sent from Wavebid will automatically be sent to the inbox for  

You can also use emails for marketing purposes. You can create email templates and create email Marketing tasks that will automatically send in the days leading up to your auction. For help with our Marketing features, click here. Note that any response to a marketing email will be sent to whatever "Reply to" address you enter in the Email Settings/ Email Management page above. 

You can also e-mail invoices to unpaid buyers. Once your email is in the system, from the Invoices (Accounting--> Invoices) page click on the mail icon in the upper right. From there you should be able to select whether you want to send invoices to all buyers, just unpaid buyers, etc. 

One unique option is Online Checkout Invite, a way of emailing invoices to ONLINE buyers only with an invite to "Pay Now" directly by credit card. For more on Online Checkout Invite, click here

Check out this video tutorial on setting up e-mail in Wavebid. 



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