How do I Print Checks in Wavebid?

You can print checks directly through Wavebid. This is especially useful during Seller Settlement. First create your check layout:

Go to My Links--> Company--> Accounting Settings--> Check Layouts. 

Create a new Check Layout. You can scan in one of the checks you'll be printing on (or a sample check) so that you know where the fields should be placed. Save it as a .jpg, then press Choose File and select it. 

Here's an example of a sample check background. Then you can choose fields to drag and drop to their respective locations on the check so that Wavebid knows where on the page to print the information. You can also change the size of those fields by clicking on the edge of the box and dragging. 

When you're done with your layout, click the Save icon in the upper right. 

Now that you have a saved layout, you can print checks in Wavebid. If you're using Wavebid to print checks for your sellers, find the Seller Settlement page (from the dashboard, find your auction. Go to Accounting--> Sellers.)

On this page you will find a list of your sellers. Wavebid will match your seller information to the fields you placed on your check layout. Find the print icon and click Print Checks. 

An icon will appear asking you to choose one of the templates you made. Do so, and enter the first check number. Click Print.  


What happens if I made a mistake and need to Re-print checks?

If you made a mistake somewhere and find that you need to re-print your checks, that's no problem! In Wavebid, just navigate to your Seller's page (Accounting>Sellers)

Whenever you see the "Nothing to Print" message as shown below, this is typically because you've already printed checks for that seller or because that seller doesn't have an amount due to them. 


Take note of the amount due column for this seller page. SellerPage.PNG

If I print checks, only one of my sellers will have a check printed for them.


So to fix this, go back and make sure that the Seller's items have been properly clerked (If they have an amount due showing as zero), or remove the payment that was previously printed out for the seller and reapply it if it was a printing related error. 

Once all of the Seller's have their items clerked, your payment column should look like the one below.


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