Add Plug'NPay Account

First find the Partner Management page. From the dashboard, go to My Links--> Company--> Partner Management. 

From the Partner Management page, scroll down to Plug'NPay. Click Add PlugNPay Account.

Decide the scope of your account (company wide or user only). Enter your Plug'NPay username and password. Press Save. 

This will add your Plug'NPay account into our system. Now you can select your default payment gateway as Plug'NPay in Company Preferences. Go to My Links--> Company--> Profile.


On the Edit Company/ Company Profile page, scroll down to the Preferences tab. 

Under Preferences, click on the Invoices tab to the left. 

Scroll down to Default Payment Gateway. Select Plug'NPay. 


Remember to click the Save icon in the upper right!! 

Congratulations! You have connected to your Plug'NPay account and set Plug'NPay as your default payment gateway. Each new auction you create will default to Plug'NPay. If you have any issues with taking credit cards through Wavebid, please contact us at (763) 355- 3985. 

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