How do I configure my PlugNPay Account?

  1. Login to your admin account:
  2. Immediately change your temporary password following the instructions on the page.  This will log you out when complete.
  3. Login again
  4. Open Security Administration

  5. Open the Username/Password Configuration

  6. Enter a different password into the Remote Client Password

  7. Goto the Partner Management page: My Links -> Company -> Partner Management
  8. In the PlugNPay section of the Partner page….Click Add PlugNPay Account
  9. Enter your PlugNPay username (in our case it was): demowave  and the Remote Client Password you just entered into PlugNPay.
  10. Return to the Security Administration page in PlugNPay and click the Transaction Security Configuration link.

  11. Enter an IP address to be able to process VOIDs and REFUNDS. Type in the IP address: in the IP Address field and then click the Add IP Address button.

  12. You should see the IP address appear directly above in a section called Delete IP Addresses.


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