How to Add Questions to Invoices

When you e-mail invoices to your buyers, you can add questions to the invoice. 

1. Set your company's default questions/ answers for invoices. Start at the dashboard. Go to My Links--> Company--> Profile. 


2. On the Edit Company page, scroll down to the Preferences tab. 

3. On the left, select the Online Checkout tab. 

4. At the bottom, click Add Question in blue.

5. Insert the questions you would like on your invoice. To add a possible answer, click the plus sign to the right. 

6. Enter the possible answers. If you do not add possible answers, the buyer will be given an open field to type in a response. 

7. When you are finished entering your questions and answers, remember to click the Save icon in the upper right! 

Now your company's default invoice questions have been set. Next time you create a new auction, these will be the questions/ answers automatically set for your invoices. If you would like to edit them for an individual auction, go to Auction--> Edit Settings. 

Scroll down to find the Online Checkout tab, and here you can add or edit questions on a per-auction basis. Remember the Save icon when you are finished! 


OPTIONAL: You may want to have an e-mail account entered into the system in case a buyer "replies" to the invoice.. Then the e-mail you enter will receive that reply. Start at the dashboard. Then go to My Links--> Company--> Email Settings. 

On the Email Management page, enter the e-mail where you would like replies to be sent. Choose a category (Invoices, for this example). Click Save.

You will receive a validation e-mail at this address from Open the e-mail and click the link to validate:

Congratulations! Once validated, your e-mail will receive any replies you receive from buyers. 


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