How can I copy my Auction (Inventory)?

1. Start at the dashboard.


2. Then on the top right click on the Gavel to make a New Auction. 

3. Name and edit settings for your Auction Copy as desired, just as you would any new auction. For reference on creating a new auction, click here.

4. Don’t forget to Save!

5. Now return to the dashboard and find the auction with lots you would like to copy. Then go Catalogs–> Lot Bulk Actions. 

6.On the Lot Bulk Actions page, select all of the lots you would like to copyIf you are copying the whole auction, Select All (this action varies by operating system. One way to do it is to click on the first lot, hold Shift, and click on the last lot). 

7. Click the Copy or Move Selected button.

8. Select the auction you just created from the drop-down menu, i.e. the one you would like your items copied to. Then decide what parts of the lot should be copied by checking the boxes available. Scrolling down, notice that the default action is to copy each lot, but you also have the option to move a lot from one auction to another. When you have finished setting your preferences, click Copy/Move. 

9. To verify that all of your lots have been copied/moved correctly, return to the dashboard, find your new auction, and browse through using Auction Preview or your desired method.

Congratulations, you have just made a copy or moved your auction inventory!


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