How to set up the 'Pay Now' button on emailed invoices

The 'Pay Now' button can be added to your email invoices. Buyers can click "Pay Now" on the invoice and pay directly with their credit card information. 

1. To get configured to use "Pay Now", you must first have a Payment Gateway (Paytrace/TSYS, Payflow (from PayPal), or Plug'NPay) set up in Wavebid. If you do not already have an account with any of these gateways, you must contact them directly in order to set up an account. Then, to add your account to Wavebid, follow the instructions on the Partner Management help page

2. Once your gateway has been added to Wavebid, you can update your Company preferences to include the Pay Now button.

Start at the dashboard. Go to My Links--> Company--> Profile. 

On the Edit Company/ Company Profile page, scroll down to the Preferences tab. 

Then click on Invoice to the left. 

Scroll down to:

and Check the box. 

Remember to click the Save icon in the upper right!!


Congratulations, by completing the above 2 steps you are now configured to use the Pay Now button. When you email invoices, your buyers will be able to click "Pay Now" and pay directly by credit card! 

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