How do I create a new auction?

Create a New Auction


Click here for a video tutorial on creating a new auction. 

1. From the home page, go to My Dashboard. 

2. From the dashboard, go to Options–> New Auction.

3. This is the Create Auction page. All fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled. Start by entering a Name for your auction.

Note: Be specific; this is the name that will be used in all of your marketing materials. For example: “12th Annual Arts, Antiques and Collectibles Auction”. 

4. Enter an address for your auction. You may also choose to auto-fill with your company address by checking the box next to “Use Company Address”.

5. Estimate the number of lots at your auction in the box under Lots. It is not necessary to know the exact number of lots.

6. Enter a numerical estimate for the number of videos you will use in the Videos box.

7. Select a Coordinator for the auction from the drop-down menu of company users. You can restrict the coordinators for this auction, if necessary, by checking the box below.

8. Restrict visibility, if applicable.

9. On the left, add a primary photo for the auction by clicking the Choose File button and selecting the photo you’d like to upload (something that identifies the auction theme).

10. At the bottom of the page are six tabs: Auction Attributes, Auction Info, Marketing, Accounting, Invoices, and Online Checkout, where you can control the settings for this particular auction. You can always edit these settings later by starting at the dashboard, finding your auction, and going to Auction–> Edit Settings. To learn more about each of these tabs, click the links below:

Edit Auction: Auction Attributes

Edit Auction: Marketing- Add Registration and Bidding URLs

Edit Auction: Accounting







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