Create and Print Barcodes

Create and Print Barcodes

Printing and photographing barcodes is a way to label and automatically sort your lots during photo upload. Barcodes save you massive amounts of time because you won’t need to re-name photos manually. This tutorial shows you how to create and print barcodes.


1. Start at the dashboard. Then click on My Links–> Barcodes in the grey tool bar. 

2. The Barcode Generator page will appear. Here you can generate and print your barcodes. Use the picture on the right to preview what your barcodes will look like before printing.

3. Click on the grey Label Type drop-down menu. Choose the type appropriate to the paper you are printing on (8, 30, or 32 per sheet and whether it’s sticker-labeled or not).

Here you will be able to choose from 32, 30, or 8 per page sticker label sheets or 8 per page regular (non-sticker). We will choose the Avery 30 option as an example.

4. After choosing your label type, enter the number of lots/barcodes you want to generate. First click on the Starting Lot box and enter the number of your first lot. In our example we start with 1.

5. Next enter your ending lot number in the Ending Lot box. In our example, we end at 30 for a total of 30 lots.

If you need to print a barcode for an individual lot, use the Enter Individual Lots box. If you like zeros heading your numbers or special characters within, you may characterize your lots with the Width of Lot Number and Fill Character fields.


Printing Barcodes

1. Now you are ready to generate your barcodes. Click the blue Generate PDF button in the bottom right.


if you are using Google Chrome, there will be a small bar that appears below like the image above. Click the file to open in Adobe Reader.

If you are using Firefox, a dialog box will appear. Choose to open with Adobe Reader. The result with either browser should be this pdf:


2. Examine your sheet to make sure all 30 lots are there. When you are ready to Print, click on the Printer Icon at the top of the window.

3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you click print make sure that the Size Option is set to Actual Size.

4. Press Print.

Great! Once the barcodes are printed, you are ready to start Cataloging!

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