Bulk Photo Upload

Our platform supports the ability to quickly upload pictures of your lots in bulk through our Photo Upload page:

Photo upload

Photo upload

We also have a range of options to assist you in sorting When uploading photos in bulk to Wavebid we have a range of options to assist you in quickly sorting the photos themselves into the lots the order you want. This is configured on the top-right corner of the upload panel:

Upload options

Upload options

Barcode System

This method makes use of one of the highlight Wavebid features: The ability to generate barcodes that act as delimiters between your lots when you're taking pictures of them. The benefit to this method is you do not require any sort of internet connectivity:

  1. You print barcodes by going to My Links > Barcodes.
  2. At your auction work site, attach a barcode to each of the lots to be catalogued according to the lot number you would like them to have.
  3. When taking the photos, you first take a photo of the barcode itself, followed by the photos of the lot itself. You can use any device to do this—a digital camera or the camera app of your smartphone.
  4. You transfer the photos from your device to a computer.

All of this can be done completely offline regardless of your location. Once you're back in an area with internet connectivity you can upload all of your photos in bulk to our servers:


If your workflow currently requires that you rename your photos, Wavebid is also able to work with this as long as the photos are renamed using a consistent naming scheme, like

  • 1-1.jpg, 1-2.jpg, 1-3.jpg are three photos of lot one.
  • 2-1.jpg,2-2.jpg, 2-3.jpg are three photos of lot two.
  • 3-1.jpg,3-2.jpg, 3-3.jpg are three photos of lot two.
  • And so on...

  • 1_1.jpg, 1_2.jpg, 1_3.jpg are three photos of lot one.
  • 2_1.jpg,2_2.jpg, 2_3.jpg are three photos of lot two.
  • 3_1.jpg,3_2.jpg, 3_3.jpg are three photos of lot two.
  • And so on...


This last option prevents the system from automatically sorting the photos in any way, letting you decide how you are going to arrange them after the upload has been completed. We have two options available when using this method.

Single photo per lot is enabled

When this option is selected Wavebid will automatically create one lot for each photo that appears in the upload queue regardless of any other conditions selected. This is useful when you took only one photo of each of your lots and the lot number itself is not important—you can always renumber your lots through the Lot Builder or the Sequence Lots page.

Single photo per lot is disabled

Using this method Wavebid will create a single GALLERY lot and will store all of your photos within it.

Uploading the Photos

  1. From the Dashboard go to your auction workspace, then Photos > Upload Photos to arrive at the Photo Upload page.

  2. Choose the option to Generate Lot Numbers from on the top-right corner of the upload panel:
    • Barcode if you are using our barcode cataloging system. This is the default.
    • Filename to have the system recognize your file naming scheme.
    • Manual if you wish to sort your photos manually after upload.
  3. Click Add Files too select the photos you want to upload.
    • Manual uploads will let you rearrange the upload queue so the lots are generated according to the order the photos appear within, from left to right.
  4. Click Start Upload to start the file upload. At this point our system will process the photo using whichever of the options you chose to generate the lot numbers from.
    • If the lots already exist the photos will be stored within the lots.
    • If the lots don't exist they will be automatically created, then the photos will be stored within the lot.
  5. Once the upload is finished the photos will be made available for manipulation.

At this point the photos will have the same range of options available for them as in the Photo Management page.

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