Configuring Auction Attributes

Edit Auction: Auction Attributes

At the bottom of the Create Auction and/or Edit Auction page is a tab called Auction Attributes. This is where you will control your basic auction settings. All fields with an asterisk must be filled.


1. Begin by choosing your Auction Software from the drop-down menu. Depending on your billing platform, the available settings may change. For our example, we will choose Proxibid-Timed because most of the options are visible.

2. Set the Start Date and End Date for your auction by clicking in the box. A calendar will appear where you may choose the day and time your auction begins and ends.

3. Choose a Default System Category from the drop-down, if desired. These categories help to automatically sort your items. For example, choosing Coins and Currency will help to make your items more searchable on listing sites such as, if you choose to export there.

4. Enter your personal Auction ID associated with your bidding platform.

5. Now you will see several checkboxes. Read the descriptions below to decide if that box is applicable to your specific auction:

  • Will there be multiple sellers? Check this box if you will have more than one seller. This will allow you to label or number your sellers later on which can be helpful for accounting and invoices. If you have only one seller, you may check the box and enter “1″, or choose not to check the box.
  • Do you sell per piece in any lots? Check the box if you will be selling per piece in any given lot. This will give you “times the quantity” options in your accounting and clerking.
  • List item locations in per lot? If there will be multiple pick-up locations for different items, check this box to list the location of the lot.
  • Show shipping calculator? If you will have online buyers, check this box to include a shipping calculator based on UPS pricing, weight of the item and distance between buyer and seller zip codes.
  • Any reserve prices? Check this box if you have a reserve price (minimun acceptable bid) for any lot.
  • Different tax rates per lot? Check this box if different tax rates apply to different lots.
  • Select Closing Speed: If you are running a Timed auction, you may set your closing speed here.
  • Turn on lot rank? Almost everyone should check this box. This allows you to highlight your best items so that they appear first in your listing and any marketing materials.
  • Show Clerking Attributes? Showing clerking attributes will allow you to modify tax rates and other important accounting details for individual lots.
  • Turn on High Low Estimates? This will allow you to set the estimated high low values of an individual lot to guide bidders.
  • Allow Buy It Now price? Check to give bidders the option to “Buy It Now” and take the item out of the bidding arena!








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