How to Configure and Use the Wavebid Chrome Extension on Craiglist

The first step is to be using Google Chrome. If you are using another browser you can install Chrome at the link below.


Download Google Chrome:



Next you want to install the Wavebid Chrome Extension. You can install it at the link below.


Download Wavebid Chrome Extension:


Steps to configure the extension:

  1. Go to My Links -> Offline
  2. Copy your Guid
  3. Click on the Wavebid Extension in the top right of your browser then click Options        
  4. Paste your Guid into the field that says Wavebid Offline Guid, then click save
  5. Completed! your extension is configured.


 Steps to use the Wavebid Form Loader Extension:

  1. Get your Auction ID from Wavebid. You can find your Auction Ids on My Dashboard to the bottom right of any auction.
  2. Go to craiglists Create Post page and click the extension in the top right. Then type the Auction ID and desired lot number in the pop-up.                                                                                           
  3. After you click find it will populate the craigslist form with all the information you have for that lot. Fill in price and whatever other fields that you need and are missing.
  4. When you get to the photos page you can click on the Wavebid Extension again, then scroll to the bottom and click download to get your photos
  5. Then select how many photos you want to be downloaded and click ok on the window that pops up                                                 
  6. Then the photos will be downloaded into your download folder and will also appear at the bottom of your browser where you can drag and drop them into the photos box highlighted below
  7. Then you can finish the rest of the post and have that item on Craigslist

Happy Cataloging!

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