How to set-up and use Invoice Status

Step 1


Configure Your statuses

  1. Go to My Links -> Company -> Accounting Settings -> Invoice Status
  2. Then use the Creator to add a title, color and description to each status
  3. Once you have all of your statuses configured it should look like this


Step 2

Utilizing Invoice Status

  1. To actually set an Invoice Status as well as view them find your auction and go to Accounting -> Invoices
  2. From There you can hit the show/hide columns button in the top right and make sure that status is checked
  3. From there you can use the drop down in the status column to assign and color coordinate invoice statuses. 
  4. If at any point you wish to hide the invoice status and colors you can click on show/hide columns again and uncheck the status box
  5. The last place you can see these invoice statuses is through the checkout summary page. To get there go to Accounting -> Reports -> Checkout Summary.
  6. From there If you have the status column enabled under Show/hide columns all your status colors will be visible


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