How Do I Create Users and Edit Authorities


To create users:

  1. Go to My Links -> Users -> Profile
  2. Enter in the desired user credentials
  3. Hit save in the top right
  4. Press the Create New button
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as needed

To edit user authorities:

  1. Go to My Links -> Users -> Authorities
  2. Type in the users name in the search box
  3. Turn off any features that are not needed for a particular user (ex. Turn off inventory for a user, but leave Appraisal and vice versa)
  4. To make a user an Admin click on Role_Company_Admin then click on add below
  5. Hit save and search for users as many times as needed

What does an admin get?

  • Access to creating and adding other users.
  • They can see every workspace for the authorities they have.
  • They can access company level settings & reports
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