How Do I Create Forms?

Go to the Forms page


(My Links -> Company -> Form Builder -> Forms)



Form Settings:

  • Give the form a name
  • Type a description for personal notes
  • Choose the page size (Custom is an option)
  • If you want Wavebid to print the form and the mapped content leave the print background box checked. If you want Wavebid to just fill in forms you already have then make sure the box is unchecked.




Upload Background:

Choose a file to use as a background or just to help you line up your fields.

Note: Hit save to have photo appear on background.




Add Fields:

Click on any item in the form selector to add it to the form. For Freeform Text and date/time info see the Other tab.


Manipulating Fields:

After you click a field it will appear on the form. Once it is on the form you can drag and drop it to where you would like it to go on the form. You can re-size the field by dragging the arrow in the bottom right corner. To change the font size and alignment properties hit the pencil icon on the right side of the field.



Multiple Pages:

If your form has multiple pages you can add pages by clicking add page and remove with the remove page button. To switch from page to page you can use the prev/next page buttons.



Hit save in the top right when you are done.

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