What are Form Types?

Form types determine what pages you can access and print the form from. For example a buyer form will be accessible to pages that relate to the buyer(Check in, Invoice)


Form types are chosen by the fields you put on your form. A form that has information about the buyer will have the buyer type. If forms use fields from multiple categories(Company, Auction , Buyer, etc.), they will have the type of the most specific field on the form. For example if you have a form with Auction and Buyer fields the form will be a buyer type because it is more specific. The form will only be accessible from buyer form locations.


Form types from least to most specific:


  1. Company
  2. Auction
  3. Buyer / Lot / Seller (Same level)
  4. Invoice
  5. Invoice Item



You can see your form types by going to My Links -> Company -> Form Builder -> Forms.

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