Templates, Sections & Fields

Appraisal Builder Pro is developed upon three components which make up the appraisal document. The one most commonly used is the Template. The Template is comprised of Sections, and within each Section are Fields; all used together to create the interface in which you build your appraisal document.


What is a Template?

A template is a the document in which you can use to build your appraisal. The template will be comprised of sections and fields in which you can interact and add data into the appraisal document in a streamlined manner. Your initial account setup will include a Master Appraisal as well as an Engagement Letter that you can then tailor to your company’s specific needs.


What is a Section?

Templates are made of up sections. A section can be defined as the segments that make up a template. 


For example, Appraisal Inventory is one section of the Master Appraisal template. Within the section is where you can add fields and include page breaks, etc. to help determine the layout of your template.


What is a Field?

Fields are created and used to be what fills in all of the same but changing information within a document. For example, fields are used to streamline how we enter information that is repeated such as addresses on an appraisal document.

Learn about Types of Fields.

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