Types of Fields

Types of Fields

What is a field?



A text field is the most basic field option available that allows builds a textbox for free fill text. For example, Appraisal Title. The field is available for the user to type in any text to title the appraisal.



A select field allows for preset selections to be determined in a drop down menu. For example, if the answer to a question is always Yes or No, you can create a field with the question and the answers being yes or no that can be selected from a drop down menu.


Select Advanced

Selected advanced is based on the select field options however select advanced also allows for predetermined text to be entered for each drop down value. For example, when looking at Type of Appraisal, the options in the drop down are Current, Retrospective, and Prospective. Upon selecting either option, an additional paragraph of information is shown, based on the selection from the drop down.


Table Advanced

Table advanced allows you to build a table of information with check boxes to select as many or as few items from the table to be included or excluded from the document. For example, in our appraisal template the Bibliography section is built using this field type.

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