How to add a logo or electronic signature to your appraisal

From the Dashboard, use the gray toolbar at the top of the screen and go to My Links > Company > Document Builder > Admin.


Click on the Images Tab and then Add Files.


Select the file(s) that you want to upload and open.

Click Start Upload.

As soon as it is done uploading, the page will refresh and you should see the image(s) you have in your Document Builder Image Gallery which makes it available for future documents and appraisals.


Now go to the Dashboard > Appraisal and select the appraisal workspace you want to add the logo to and go to Documents > Document List. Click on the image for the document you wish to edit.


From the Edit Document Page, select the Preview Tab and scroll down to the image placeholder you want to replace with your logo. For example the “Click to Add Logo” image. Click on the image and you will be prompted to Choose a File. Scroll and find the file you would like to use to replace the placeholder, click to highlight and then click OK.


Your view will then show the image you selected in place of the placeholder image. When finished editing, be sure to save your work by clicking the save icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

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