Comparison of User accounts and Admin accounts

There are several differences between the capabilities of a company admin and a standard user in Wavebid. The first account created for a company will always be an Admin user.

Admin abilities

  • Edit company preferences (My Links > Company > Profile).
  • View Every auction, inventory, or appraisal workspace in the account.
  • Create additional users (My Links > User > Profile).
  • Change user profile information.
  • Edit user authorities (My Links > User > Authorities).
  • Edit links to Bidding Platforms (My Links > Company > Cataloguing Settings > Export).
  • Lock and unlock auctionlock/unlock workspaces through the Edit Settings page for the workspace.
  • Can view reports related to all auctions (My Links > All Auctions)
  • Can view, edit, and download all customer lists (My Links > Company > Customers)

User abilities

  • Update their own profile information (My Links > User > Profile).
  • Change their own password.
  • Lock or unlock auction workspaces unless they are set as the coordinator.

The scope of regular users is much more limited, but can be expanded if they are granted specific authorithies by an Admin user. To learn more about the authorities available please visit this link.

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