Creating New Sellers

Creating sellers/consignors at your auction is swift with our driver’s license scanning and records of your permanent sellers. This tutorial will explore the seller creation page.


1. To find the Sellers page, start at the dashboard and find your auction. Then go to Auction–> Sellers.


2. Once you're on the Sellers page, you can create a new seller by clicking the Create New button. 


3. Fill in the Seller's information and then save. (Note: A Seller's profile information is also used if that Seller is checked in as a buyer)

  • 1) Scan Personal ID:

Click this field and then use the mag strip or bar code reader to scan a drivers license. The system will automatically read the available data into the system.
NOTE: this data varies from state to state. Please try scanning at least a week prior to the auction event, if there is a problem report it to Most new formats can be created in less than a week

  • 2) Alerts

Alerts appear as a pop up window when this seller registers for another auction. It also appears as a pop up when the customer makes a payment.

  • 3) Tax Exempt 

By checking the tax exempt box you can automatically make a customer tax exempt for all auctions. This can be changed on at the invoice level, but if checked the customer will be tax exempt by default. (Note: This setting will only apply to individuals checked-in as a bidder. Seller's settlements are unaffected by this setting.)



4. Once your Customer Info has been saved, you can apply a seller code. This code will only be attached to this seller for this auction. Save to continue. 


5. After saving the seller code, Commissions, Contract Review, Schedule A, Expenses and PDFs settings for the seller become accessible. Set these to your preferences, save, and you're good to go!

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