How to copy existing fields from one document to another

So you’ve created your engagement letter and now you’re ready to build an appraisal document. To copy the fields you have already filled in your engagement letter over to your appraisal document with the following steps.


From the Dashboard, go to the select appraisal workspace, then go to Documents > Document List.


Click on the image for the Engagement Letter.


From the Edit Document Screen click the “Create From Existing Button” in the upper right corner. This will open a dialog box where you will enter the title of the document you are creating in the field for “New Document Name”.

Then choose the existing document to make sure you are copying the fields from the correct document within the appraisal workspace. Then choose your template, for example “Master Appraisal”. Then click Create.

This will create a new document copying any of the previous field information applicable from the Engagement Letter, saving you time.

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