How to Download Watermarked Photos for an Appraisal

After walking through the steps of how to add a watermark to your photos, from the Dashboard go back to the Appraisal > Export Appraisal page.


Under Photo Options, check the box to Add Watermark. This will prompt a dialog box where you can depict the placement of the watermark on your images. If you did not upload an image file to use as a watermark, you can enter in text as well. Please reference the above link of how to add water to your photos on how this section works. Click Ok.


Then click the blue “Export Appraisal” button. You can watch the progress of the export by going to the Export Monitor page, otherwise click Ok to remain on the Export Appraisal page.

It may take a few moments, but once the export has completed (and you refresh the Export Appraisal page), on the far right hand side there will be Previous Catalogs and Previous Photos. Click the most recent blue link under Previous Photos and that will prompt a download of a zip folder of all your pictures renamed, resized and watermarked all in one folder that you can then save to a disc or elsewhere to hand out a hard copy with your appraisal.


How to add a photo/logo to a watermark:

Go to MyLinks>Company>Profile>Preferences>Watermark and upload your photo there. 
Note: If this feature doesn't show up for you, please contact Wavebid support so they can make sure you have the authority for that feature enabled. 

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