How to Import Buyer's & Sale Information into Wavebid

Importing Buyer Info:

Note: Spreadsheets must have a First Name and Last Name column, highly suggested columns include - Address, City, State, Postal Code, Phone Number and Email.

Steps to importing buyers:

1.) Go to My Dashboard>Accounting>Import Buyers


2.) Use "Delimiter" to match format of import file, use tick-box to adjust for header row


3.) Choose file


4.) WaveBid will automatically attempt to match column mapping. If any columns are unmatched or incorrectly matched, adjust as necessary.

5.) Click Import to begin import process

6.) When the import process is complete, a Person Import Results page will appear to confirm success!


How to manually Import Sale Results into Wavebid

  1. Go to My Dashboard>Accounting>Import Sale Info
  2. Your spreadsheet should be set up with Lot Number, Selling Price, and Bidder Number columns as shown below. 
  3. Next, map the appropriate columns and click "Import" at the bottom. 
  4. You should get a successful message as shown below:
  5. Finally, there should be invoices generated. One thing to note is that your invoices will show up with no buyer information until you import your buyer info.
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