Manage and Edit Photos

Once you upload your photos to Wavebid, there are still many options for moving, managing, organizing, and editing your photos. The best tool for this job is the Manage Photos page, found under the Photos drop-down menu for the auction you wish to edit.

This guide will operate under the assumption that you already have photos that are uploaded. If you don't know how to upload photos, here is a step by step guide on how to do so, along with the various options and features.

Moving/Managing Images

Changing the order of photos within a lot is as easy as dragging them around until they are in the proper order. 

 If you wish to move photos from one lot to another, selecting the icon with the two horizontal arrows will move the selected photo to the lot of your choosing.

Checking the "Image is a barcode" box in this pop-up menu will treat the image as a barcode, which will move the selected images, as well as all images between it and the next barcode, to the lot that you have chosen.

 The barcode button toggles whether or not the image is treated as a barcode. Images marked as barcodes will not export with the rest of your auction. While this feature is primarily used with our barcode upload system, a creative user can use this feature to "hide" any photos or attachments that you want to be able to reference in Wavebid, but you don't want to have showing up on your bidding platform.

 The Trashcan icon deletes the selected image. Use with caution.

Advanced-Moving Images

If you have a single or multiple photos that you have to move to another Lot, go to Photos>Manage Photos>On this page, select the photos you want to move. 


Once you've selected the photos you want to move, it should look like the photo below with the check-mark next to those respective photos. Then, in the upper right-hand corner there is a button called "Move Selected Photos" button you'll want to click. 


After you've clicked that button, a menu will pop-up asking you which Lot you want to move the photos to. 


After you enter in the Lot number you want to move the photos to, hit the "OK" button and it should process the move. 


Congratulations! You've just moved your photos using the advanced photo move method. 

Editing Images

 The Copy button will create a duplicate of the selected image within the same lot. It is good practice to make a copy of an image before editing it.

 The rotate buttons will rotate the selected images either clockwise or counter-clockwise. This can also be done in the edit window.

 This pencil button will open up the photo editing tool in a new window. From here you can rotate the image, crop the image (which will resize and zoom in on the selected area), and adjust brightness and contrast to bring out the details of your picture.

If you don't like the changes you made with the photo editor, simply hit the "reset" button to bring it back to its original state, and as always, don't forget to save.


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