Using Lot Builder

Using Lot Builder to Create a Catalog


Creating/Editing Lots 

1. From the list of options to the right of your auction on the dashboard, navigate to Catalogs > Lot Builder

2. From the lot builder page, if starting a catalog from scratch, you can start filling out the lot information.


2. If photos have been imported first, you can select a lot from the "Go to Lots" dropdown at the top of the screen. 


3. Fill out the lot name/title as needed.

4. Fill out the description of the lot being sold. The description box allows you to format your information however you please. You can change the color, typeface, size, justification, and apply bolding, italicizing, or underlining to your description text. Images may also be directly embedded into these descriptions, as well as YouTube videos.

5. To save the lot and create a new one, click on the + icon to the right of the save icon towards the top of the page. 

Explanation in Video - 1:36


These buttons will save and advance either forward (+) a lot in the catalog, or save and retract backwards (-) a lot.


Advanced Lot Tools in Lot Builder


Lot Actions

  • Located to the left of the "Go To Lot" dropdown, there is a dropdown for "Lot"


  • This menu gives you different options for the currently active lot, as well as keyboard shortcuts to increase the speed of creating a catalog.

UPC Lookup

  • Click on the UPC lookup button.
  • Scan or enter the UPC number into the box
  • Information about the item will be automatically entered into the description box

VIN Lookup

  • Click on the VIN Lookup Button.
  • Enter the vehicle VIN number
  • Information about the vehicle will automatically be entered into the description box
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