How to Set Commissions

Setting Commissions for your Sellers


  1. From the list of options to the right of your auction on the dashboard, navigate to Accounting > Sellers
  2. Click on one of the sellers you want to edit the commission settings of
  3. Select "Edit Contract" on the seller settlement - 0:28 - Example in Video


Commissions Tab

  1. Select which type of percentage for the commission you prefer.
  2. Click on the save button at the top of the screen any time a change is made to the commissions.


Changing Commissions from the Seller Settlement Screen

  1. When commissions are already applied, they will appear on your seller settlement in blue.
  2. Any values in blue can be changed by clicking on them and entering a new commission total - these values will override the original amount - 2:30 - Example in Video



Assign Commission Scales - 3:28 - Example in Video

  1. To change the company specific scales, from the navigation bar select My Links > Company > Accounting Settings > Scales - Commission
  2. Enter a name and description for your commission scale
  3. Select your commission percentage, your maximum dollar amount, and then the minimum dollar amount
  4. Multiple scales can be added by clicking on the blue "add" button
  5. Once finished, click on Save.
  6. Select this scale from the edit contract page of the seller settlement
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