How to Build and Print a Buyer's Guide

The Buyer's Guide is a very powerful tool that allows you to create lists and catalogs of your auction that show only the information that you want to show. Beyond making a traditional buyer's guide, you can utilize it to make all sorts of handy reference lists for your auction, and then print them off. 

To get to the Buyer's Guide page, navigate through Current Auction > Catalogs > Buyers Guide.

Selecting Columns

The first thing you will notice when you visit the Buyers Guide page is the large grid of possible information headers you can add to your buyers guide. They are organized into a couple of tabbed categories; Lot, Auction, Company, and Date. Almost any attribute that you can add or change in Wavebid can be found in one of these tabs. Click on a variable to add it as a column to your buyers guide.

At the bottom of the screen, you will notice the "Buyers Guide Columns" box. This shows you which columns your buyer's guide will display on the report, and from left to right, what their order will be on the final buyer's guide.

To change the order, simply drag the headers around. Clicking on a header in the "Buyers Guide Columns" area will allow you to re-name it as it will appear in the final buyer's guide. Clicking the "x" will remove it from the buyer's guide.

General Options

On the right side of the page you will see the "options" box. These choices are pretty self-explanatory. Title Page and Photo Appendix are optional, but can be useful depending on the intended use of your guide. Things like adjusting the font size or the photo size can be useful as well depending on the location or setting of the auction.

Build Buyer's Guide

To create the guide, simply hit the blue "Build Buyer's Guide" button at the bottom of the page. This will generate a PDF file in a new tab which you can review before downloading and/or printing. 


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