Seller Settlement Settings

Changing Seller Settlement Settings

  1. On the right side of the auction you want to make changes to, navigate to Accounting > Seller
  2. Click a seller that you want to edit
  3. The seller settlement appears
  4. Changes can be made directly on the settlement, including expenses or credits - Example in Video - 1:16
    1. Expenses can be added by clicking "Add Expense" or "Add Credit" Example in Video - 2:07
    2. These can be billed to specific lots, or sellers
    3. All sellers can be expensed or credited by percentage
  5. Payments can be added from the settlement Example in Video - 2:52
    1. Click "Add Payment"
    2. Select payment method, and process as needed
  6. The settlement summary box on the bottom will update as numbers change

Commission Options - Example in Video - 0:40

  1. From the seller settlement, click on edit contract
  2. Any changes to the seller's contact information can be reached from the blue "Edit" button
  3. Seller Codes can be changed, as well as max expense and check payable to information
  4. Commissions can be assigned to the seller or seller's lots 
  5. Reserves can be assigned to the seller or specific lots
  6. Choose what happens when this seller's lots are not sold


Contract Review

  1. Reprint or edit the seller's contract from this screen


Schedule A

  1. View all lots being sold by seller, as well as quantities, reserves, and taxes



  1. Assign Expenses to seller, or only to specific lots
  2. Expenses can be set up company-wide and assigned through the expense code dropdown



  1. Upload seller contract or schedule pdfs


Filtering Settlements - Example in Video - 3:22

  1. On the top of the seller settlement page, click on the gear  from this list, different filtering options are available to make the settlement shorter or longer
  2. The settlement can be printed from the array of buttons as well, using the print button 
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