Using Lot Bulk Actions

Using Wavebid's Lot Bulk Actions Feature

Wavebid's Lot Bulk actions feature allows you to make changes to numerous lots simultaneously. This can be useful if the category needs to be changed on numerous lots, or perhaps you want to clear the seller out from a number of different lots.



  1. On the right side of the auction you want to edit the catalog of, navigate to Catalogs > Lot Bulk Actions
  2. Select the checkboxes next to each lot you want to modify. Or, if modifying all of them, the checkbox on the very top of the column


To edit the lots selected, click on the edit selected lots button - Example in video 0:50

From the dropdown that appears, select which detail in the lot you want to edit, and an additional box will appear, allowing you to enter the modified detail.

In this example, all lots are having the category modified


When finished, click on Edit All Selected Lots


Changing which Details are Available for Edit

To change which details are able to be edited in the dropdown, click on the Columns button, and different options can be toggled on/off. - Example in Video 1:30



Copying Lots to Different Auctions

Should you need to copy your lots to a different auction (Maybe they're being resold, or you had to make a new auction space) it can be done from the same screen. 

  1. Tick the boxes for the lots you want to copy, or tick the box on the top of the column to select them all.
  2. Select "Copy or Move selected"

A new box will appear, allowing you to select which auction you want to move or copy the lots to, as well as which parts you want to copy. 


You may change the lot number for the lots that you are copying to ensure they don't overlap with existing lots that may exist in the catalog you're copying them to. 

Finally, you can select whether to move or copy each lot from their respective dropdown menus.



Deleting Multiple Lots

Sometimes, there comes a time when you have to clear out a few different lots from your catalog. Luckily, it's very easy with the Lot Bulk Actions Screen


  1. Tick the boxes for the lots you want to delete, or tick the box on the top of the column to select them all.
  2. Select "Delete selected"
  3. The selected lots will be deleted from the catalog and auction workspace.


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