How do I reprogram my 2-D Barcode scanner?

IMPORTANT: Please do not try to reprogram your scanner without first contacting Wavebid support to determine if it is necessary. All Scanners are successful programmed and tested before being shipped, so the need to reprogram them is unusual.



To program your scanner follow these steps:


1. Plug in the scanner to your computer

2. Scan the Barcode Labeled "Remove Custom Defaults"

3. Then scan the Barcode Labeled "Activate Defaults"


4. Scan the 2-D Barcode Labeled "DEFALT;DFMBK300997"

5. Try Scanning one of the Barcodes on the back of a license and see what happens.


6. If it is still not successful send us a picture of the back of your drivers licence, so we may test it using another scanner here.


6.a. If your scanner did not work also follow these steps to insure that we can fix the issue.

6.b. From your computers desktop open a notepad. (Right click on the desktop and select new > notepad)

6.c. Click in the notepad as if you were about to type.

6.d. With your scanner plugged into the computer scan the back of your drivers license.

6.e. This should print out a good amount of info, that you need to highlight, and copy.

6.f. After you copy the info paste it into an email and send it to




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