Download Auction into Offline

You will need a working internet connection for Wavebid Offline to be able to connect to our servers and download the Auction information into its database.

  1. Run the Wavebid Offline application and login to the Offline Dashboard screen61.png.html.png

  2. Go to Offline > Import/Export screen7.png.html.png

  3. Once in the Auction Management page click on Add Auction on the top right corner of the page. screen-11.png.html.png

  4. Offline will connect to our servers to provide you with a listing of all your existing sales on our servers. screen12.png.html.png

  5. Select the desired auction and whether you would like to download the photos as well:

    • Primary Images Only: Only the lead photo for the lot will be downloaded.
    • All Images: All of the photos associated with the lots will be downloaded. screen13.png.html.png
  6. Press Ok and the software will begin to download the data. Depending on the size of your auction and the bandwidth of your internet connection the process might take a long time. screen14.png.html.png

  7. Once it’s done your auction will appear on the listing table. As of this moment the data has been downloaded but it has not been written to the Offline database yet. screen15.png.html.png

  8. Click Import Auction. screen16.png.html.png

  9. The auction data will be written to the Offline database and it will become visible in the Offline Dashboard. screen17.png.html.png

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