Publish Auctions to Ignite and i2

We've made it possible for users to maintain their past auction listings while using both Ignite 3 (Wavebid platform) and Ignite 2, whi


For this process you will need a few bits of information:

  • Ignite Username
  • Ignite Password
  • Ignite Company ID: To obtain it, log in to Ignite and go to your Company Profile. You will see the ID in the address bar of your web browser


  1. From the Dashboard, go to My Links > Company > Partner Management.
  2. Once there, go to the Marketing tab.
  3. Click on Add Auction Services Account and fill out the required fields:
    • Scope: "Company Wide" will let any users within your company account publish through this connection. "User" means only the user who set up the connection will be able to publish.
    • Auction Services Login: Type in your Ignite Username.
    • Auction Services Password: Type in your Ignite Password.
    • Auction Services Company Id: Type in your Ignite Company ID.
  4. Save the new settings.

This process only needs to be done once unless the Scope is set to "User Only"; if this option is selected then each user will need to setup their own partner connection.


Each auction to be published needs to exist as a workspace in Wavebid. It does not matter if you only configure the options available in Auction Settings, as long as the workspace is saved to the database. The information stored will be published to Ignite.

For this we need to create a Marketing Task

  1. From the Dashboard, go to your auction workspace, then to **Marketing > Tasks.
  2. In the Online section, click Add New Task.
  3. A window will now pop-up:
    • What type of task do you want to add?: Select Auction Services.
    • Task Name: Can be anything you want, most people pick "Publish to Ignite".
    • Date: When the task should happen.
    • Auction Services: Choose the Ignite account that will be used for publishing. You may see more than one account depending on the Scope chosen in Partner Management.
  4. Once you're satisfied with the settings, click Save.

At the specified date and time the Task will run and Wavebid will publish the information to Ignite, which in turn can re-publish the auction data itself to i2.

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