Export Monitor

Whenever you are exporting an auction you will be given the option to view the Export Monitor but you can also visit this page at any point to view the status and progress of your auction; to view it please go to My Links > Company > Export Monitor

One you are here you will see a table with all of the exports that have been created within your company account, along with any error messages (if any) that have been reported by our export servers:

  • Date Started: When the export job was created and queued on our export servers.
  • Auction: The name and ID of the auction workspace.
  • Started By: The user account that created the export job.
  • Company: The company account the user belongs to. This option is useful if you have Franchises.
  • Total Images: The total amount of photos currently stored in your workspace. This does not include photos labeled as barcodes.
  • Images Processed: How many images were processed by our export server.
  • Status: The current status of your export:
    • Building CSV: Server is currently building the CSV file and sending it through an API integration (if one is enabled) and saving it for download.
    • Sending Images: Server is sending the images through an API integration (if enabled) and building the ZIP file for download.
    • Error: Something went wrong.
    • Completed: The auction was successfully exported and all files created.
  • Errors: Any error messages reported by the API integrations (if enabled).
  • Date Completed: When the export job was completed.

Any errors that happen during the export process will be reported here. Here is a list of the most common ones:

Error trying to send catalog file. New token required! Please return to the Proxibid AuctionBuilder Bulk Loader and obtain a new token.
Export incomplete
  • Cause: Proxibid password has been updated.
  • Solution: Make sure to update the token information in your Company Export Settings.
No Images to FTP
  • Cause: Did not remove the checkmark from “New Photos Only”.
  • Solution: Go back to Current Auction > Auction > Export Auction and remove the checkmark from the option.
Auction ##### not found within sync namespace SAM auction_lot_item.id
  • Cause: Usually happens when the Endpoint for Automated Catalog Upload has been misconfigured in your Company Export Settings.
  • Reconfigure your Company Export Settings for exporting to SAM.
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