Wavebid Basics: The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the main container for your workspaces, which can be auctions, inventories, or appraisals.

Depending on your what package your company has available for it you may or may not see all of the following tabs:


Shows auction workspaces that will start in the future, according to the date and time set in the auction Start Date; when it is reached the auction will be moved into the Active tab.


Shows auction workspaces that are currently happening. Once the auction End Date is reached the auctions will be moved into the Completed tab. If an End Date is not set the auction will automatically be moved at 23:59 on the calendar day set in the Start Date.


This will show your auctions that have completed within the previous 90 days.

Auction Vault

After 90 days, completed auctions will automatically be moved from the Completed tab into the Auction Vault. Once here you can search for them in a variety of ways:

  • Keyword: A keyword is any word that appears within any of your lot descriptions.
  • Auction: You can select from the auctions you have created so far.
  • Coordinator: Load auctions based on the Coordinator that managed the auction within Wavebid.
  • Date Range: You an enter a Start Date and an End Date. Any auctions matching these parameters will be shown.


This will show the inventory workspaces that you have created in your account. Inventories are a useful way to catalog your lots even if you do not have an auction to sell them in; the inventory is just a workspace that will hod your catalog (lot descriptions and photos) until you are ready to sell them at auction.

You can have as many inventories as you want, with each inventory containing as many lots as you need.


This is our newest tool, Appraisal Builder Pro. It lets you create consistent and professional looking appraisal reports that can be made USPAP compliant if needed. It uses the same tools as auctions and inventories to build your catalog, then allows you to build an appraisal document that you can present to your client as an appraisal report.

To find out more please contact our Sales department.


Lets you use keywords to find lots within any workspace you have created, whether they are auctions, inventories, or appraisals.

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