Service Restored


Update January 11, 2014 2:30pm EST SERVICE RESTORED: We thank you for your patience while we performed emergency maintenance on Ignite’s database. This process had to be done carefully to ensure protection of the data. We apologize for not being able to personally answer every call or return every voicemail message. We were working as fast as possible to remedy the situation and restore service.

*Note: We will perform additional maintenance on PAST auctions overnight tonight. Our focus was CURRENT auctions.

If your calendar is still out of date, what YOU can do? Republish 1 (ONE) of your current auctions ... Wait 15 minutes. That *should* update the calendar on your website. If you continue to experience issues with your calendar being out of sorts after you try that.
Please email and
we will deal with each individual site.


Tammy Tenison

Chief Operating Officer, Inc.

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