Welcome, WAA Auctioneers

The AuctionServices.com Team is pleased to welcome the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association back to the AuctionServices.com family of auctioneers. To post auctions to the WAA website, you will need to use a properly configured Ignite account. 

IMPORTANT: If you encounter any difficulty setting up or configuring your Ignite account, please do not contact the WAA. Please click this link to review your options for contacting the AuctionServices.com Customer Service team.

The setup process for your Ignite account is to 1) create an Ignite account, 2) add your company to your Ignite account, and 3) connect your Ignite account to your WAA membership.

Create an Ignite account

  1. If you already have an Ignite account, you can skip account creation. Proceed to the company section below.
  2. Click here and follow the prompts to create your Ignite account.
  3. If Ignite informs you an account already exists with your email address, you already have an account! If you are unable to access it, please contact the AuctionServices.com team and we will help you claim your account.
  4. If you encounter any errors, please use your browser’s back button or click on the “Ignite” logo in the upper left hand corner of your screen to return to your dashboard.

Add your company to your Ignite account

  1. All new Ignite accounts are created blank with no company or association memberships. Your dashboard will look blank.
  2. Check within your company first. If someone has already added your company to Ignite, you do not need to add it again. They can add you under the employee management section of their dashboard.
  3. If your company does not exist in Ignite, you can click here to add it.

Connect your Ignite account to your WAA membership

  1. To connect your Ignite account to your WAA membership, simply use the activation code you received in your email on the Join an Organization screen.
  2. If you did not receive an activation code, please contact the AuctionServices.com support team and we can manually connect your WAA membership to your Ignite account.
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