RSS Feeds to Facebook & the Timeline Layout

Facebook's continuing goal is to get rid of "botting" ... they want real live people interacting and sharing with real live people. So with each subsequent update we are finding that it continues to be harder and harder to "automate" feeding information to facebook. The "timeline" push has thrown another wrench into the works. Where posts from particular apps and/or programs are sorted into their own boxes on your timeline, instead of listed in chronological order. They even removed the RSS feed option from the "notes" feature. You can still write a "note" but it can no longer be hooked up to your blog.

We are moving toward helping our customers manage their facebook pages to meet their goals of building fanbase and a high level or interaction. We have garnered some great results. One example would be Lippard Auctions (, which we have taken from 40 fans to 917+ in just 6 weeks.

Our facebook management service starts at $350 per month. For more information, call (540) 206-3311.

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