Free Online Data Backup

logo1.png members now have access to our new feature: FREE Unlimited Online Backup! It takes just minutes to set up and is easy to use. Safely backup all your files online. Our new service automatically backs up your files safely online.


hasslefree.pngCompletely Hassle Free

Livedrive monitors your files as you work, and backs them up as soon as they are saved - so there's no need to remember to back up.

unlimitedstorage.png Unlimited Storage

Your Livedrive account comes with unlimited storage. So it doesn't matter how many files you've got - we'll back them all up.

30versions.pngUp to 30 versions of any file

Livedrive keeps the past 30 versions of your files, so that you can revert back to them at any time.


easyrestore.pngEasily restore files

Download your files at any time from the web - even deleted files - or restore files easily using our powerful downloadable restore application.

secure.png100% secure

Our backups are private and secure. Livedrive uses military grade encryption, and your files reside in our state-of-the-art data centers.

windowsmac.pngWorks on Windows and Mac

Whether you've got a PC or Mac - or both - Livedrive works in exactly the same way.

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