RESOLVED: Image thumbnailing

Updated 10:47AM 3/23: We have determined that the image thumbnailing process is now returned to normal and are marking this matter as resolved. Please note that multiple upload attempts inserted into the queue have been processed and may need to be manually removed.

Updated 6:25AM 3/23: Earlier this morning, our development team put a fix in place to speed up the image thumbnailing process. We are continuing to monitor the situation.

We are currently working to resolve a problem where uploaded images (including images uploaded to image galleries) are not completing the thumbnail process properly and are stuck in a pending status. Please note that image thumbnailing is conducted in a background queue within the Ignite cluster. This means that repeated attempts to upload images may result in multiple copies of your image appearing once this problem is resolved. If you have any information you feel will help the team resolve this problem, please feel free to comment on this thread. Please monitor or subscribe to this thread for updates.

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