Heartbleed Bug Causing Service Outages

The Heartbleed Bug (http://heartbleed.com/) is causing widespread service outages across the internet as service providers are scrambling to deploy the upgraded OpenSSL to fix the issue. The hitlist of services affected is long - you can view it here (http://mashable.com/2014/04/09/heartbleed-bug-websites-affected). 

We are monitoring the situation as it pertains to our cloud partner - Rackspace (https://status.rackspace.com/), which impacts 800+ customer websites. 

We are actively working with BizNet Technologies at Virginia Tech to patch the OpenSSL as it pertains to our servers there, which impacts Ignite and approximately 400+ customer websites. We appreciate your patience.

If your website is affected and you have an online auction going off today ... shoot an email to support@auctionservices.com. We can put in a temporary 307 redirect to send your customers straight to your online bidding provider page .... please send that URL with your request, along with your domain name.
Tammy Tenison,
VP & Chief Operating Officer
AuctionServices.com, Inc.
(540) 206-3311
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