How to Archive an Auction Listing in Ignite

The best practice for removing an auction from your current auction listings is to "archive" the auction as opposed to deleting it. Archiving the auction will remove it from your current auction listings as well as from your website; however, the auction listing will remain in your archive tab in Ignite. This will allow you to reference information from the listing in future, as well as reactivate the auction should the need arise.

This is especially useful for times when issues arise making it necessary to temporarily remove an auction listing quickly from your website. If you archive the auction, you can simply reactivate it once the issues resolve thus saving you all the time of re-entering the data.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Click "Edit" beside the auction you want to archive ...



2.Scroll down and find "Set Status" in the bottom menu, then choose "Archived" from the drop-down list:



3. Ignite will take you to the Publish screen ... simply click the Publish button and you're done!



Your auction listing can now be found under the "Archived" tab on your Auction Calendar Administration dashboard in Ignite.


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