Change Sorting Order of Auctions

Due to changes in our hosting platform your auctions may be out of order when displayed on your website. This process outlines how to to prevent this issue from arising when creating new auctions and how to fix it when you have already created the auctions.

This process will need to be followed for the auctions that are displayed on your website regardless of their status (Upcoming, Past, Archived).

  1. Sign on to Ignite.
  2. Go to your Auction Calendar and Edit your auction.
  3. Go to the Dates & Times tab.
  4. Click to Add a new event to this auction
    • Type: Override: Sort by this Date/Time.
    • Starting at: The start time of the auction.
    • Ending at: The end time of the auction.
    • Time Zone: Your local timezone
  5. Click Create. This make take a minute or two to save.

There is no need to republish your action unless you also have modified other information about your auction and need to update other listing platforms; Ignite will automatically make the changes available to the i2 WordPress plugin.

We at Wavebid and Auction Services are able to help fix the issue when it occurs, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the user to make sure to set the override. Be aware Ignite will not be receiving further updates to its codebase as it has been place in maintenance mode.

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