Bulk Lot Number Change

There may come a time when you need to completely change the numbering of your lots. This is how to do it using a CSV file


Before you can switch the lot numbers within Wavebid you will need to prepare a comma-separated value file using your preferred spreadsheet software. The file should only contain two columns, named originalLotNumber and newLotNumber, and as many rows for all of the lots currently in your catalog; in this example we are renumbering lots 1 through 5 to become lots 101 through 105:

| originalLotNumber | newLotNumber |
|                 1 |          101 |
|                 2 |          102 |
|                 3 |          103 |
|                 4 |          104 |
|                 5 |          105 |

It is important that all of your lots be entered into the CSV file, otherwise the renumbering might lead to unexpected results. Before proceeding we recommend you create an Universal export of your auction as a backup of the catalog’s current state.

Once you have this file ready, make sure to save it as a CSV filetype in your spreadsheet software. You can download a sample file through this link.

Making the change.

  1. From the Dashboard, go to Catalogs > Sequence Lots.
  2. On the top-right corner of the page, click on  Bulk Lot Number Change.
  3. Upload your CSV file.
  4. You will need to type in CONFIRM in uppercase letters to have Wavebid proceed with the change.
    • Please make sure no one else is working within the auction workspace to prevent any issues as our system will lock everything down while the change is taking place.
  5. Click Yes, I’m Sure.

At this point Wavebid will grab the file and write its contents to the database. Once it is done, the page will refresh and you should see the results of your action.

Common Errors

Error: Can not find lot number [###] referred to on line 1 of import file.
  • Cause: A lot number is specified in the originalLotNumber columnt but it currently does not exist within the catalog. As the lot doesn’t exist Wavebid is unable to renumber it.
  • Solution: Make sure you are only specifying lot numbers that do exist in the catalog; you can either remove the row from your CSV, or create them in Wavebid.
Destination lot number ### referred to on line ### already exists please correct your import file and try again.
  • Cause: The target lot number already exists within your catalog.
  • Solution: Remove the row from your CSV or manually renumber the lot using the Lot Builder.
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