Absentee Bids

Wavebid offers the ability to manage absentee bids for lots coming from paddle numbers that have been specified as such.


The first step is to make sure to enable the Absentee? paddle option when checking in your bidders into the auction. This will allow you to enter the absentee bid with a minimum of delay:

Absentee Paddle

Once that is done you can start entering your absentee bids.


  1. From the Dashboard go to your auction workspace, then Accounting > Absentee Bids.
  2. Find the customer that you will be entering the absentee bids for. You can search by first name, last name, address, or paddle number.

Once the customer is found you’ll be able to start adding the bids:

  1. Select the lot you’ll be adding the bid for by typing in the lot number.
  2. Enter the bid amount. If this absentee bid will take priority over other absentee bids you enable the Tie Break option.
  3. If there is more than 1 item available you can enter how many items are being bid on.
  4. Put in a checkmark on the checkbox all the way to the right
  5. Click on the Actions menu under the bid table, Save Selected bids. This menu also contains the option to delete a bid.


If you press the Enter key while your keyboard cursor is on any of the entry boxes the bid will automatically be saved. Once a bid has been saved the row will turn green.

The process will need to be repeated per Buyer, for every lot that will have an absentee bid for it


When you are clerking the auction the process will remain the same as usual: You enter a lot number, it will appear in the clerking grid, then you just enter the information for the winning bid. What will change in the interface is an additional bit of data being shown under the Title/Description column:


In the case of this image we are showing an ABSENTEE bid of $100 from paddle #2. Right next to it we see another of $100 from paddle #101 but the first bid has been set as the tie breaker so it is given priority on the interface.

Once you know which bid will be the winning one, just enter the information in the Winning Bid and Buyer entry boxes as you usually would.


There is a report available under Accounting > Reports > Absentee Bids that will show all of the current bids for your lots. This report does have some functionality available:

  • Filtering:
    • Show all bids
    • Show only the winning bids
    • Show only High & Backup bids
  • You can click on the  Email icon on the top right to email all bidders, winners only, or non-winners only.

As with any other datatables within Wavebid, you can click the Columns button to adjust the visible columns, or the Export button to download the report in a variety of formats.

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