Override Taxes on Invoices

In addition to letting you set the tax codes for individual lots within your catalog, Wavebid lets you configure taxation for an entire invoice itself or to any line items within an invoice. This mechanism provides you with even more flexibility in determining how taxes are handled by our system.

Auction Settings

First thing is to configure the Tax Code that will be applied to the entirety of your auction as it explicitly sets how Wavebid will be handling taxation for the auction.


Wavebid will create invoices after any of these processes:

  • Lots being clerked manually in the Clerking Grid
  • When you use the Import Sale Info (auto) function to bring in sale data from one of the online bidding platforms we currently maintain API integrations.
  • A CSV file containing sale info is manually uploaded into the system via Accounting > Import Sale Info.

The end result will always be invoices that you can access via Accounting > Invoices. Once a customer profile is associated with the invoice you will be able to manipulate the invoice as you see fit.


Entire Invoice

  1. From the Dashboard go to your auction, then Accounting > Invoices to view the list of available invoices.
  2. Select the invoice you wish to manipulate
  3. On the column titles for the line items click on Tax.
  4. Select the Tax Code you wish to apply to the entire invoice.
  5. Click Set Tax Code.
  6. Click OK to confirm you want to proceed with the change.

This will immediately override the tax code for this entire invoice. You will see an asterisk (*) next to the word Tax to let you know of the change.

Line Items

Even after overriding the tax code for an entire invoice you still have the ability to set it for specific lots within the invoice:

  1. Within an invoice go to the tax column for the specific line item.
  2. Select the Tax Code you wish to apply to the specific line item.
  3. Click Set Tax Code.

You will see an asterisk (*) next to the tax amount to let you know of the change. The override will also apply even if you have set a specific tax code on the individual lot.

If the invoice has any payment transactions it will become locked and no modifications may be made to it. You will need to first remove all payments by clicking on  Make Payment, then removing each payment entry.

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