Invoice Settings: The Basics

In Wavebid we have the concept on Invoice Settings. These are the set of various options you can configure as a default at a company-level and are then used when an auction workspace is first created.

The sequence of events is this:

  1. On the Dashboard the  New Auction button is clicked.
  2. A blank auction workspace without any settings will be created.
  3. Wavebid will obtain the current company-level defaults and apply them to this new workspace. These settings are imported into the auction.
  4. The Create Auction page will displayed, allowing the user to make any modifications necessary.
  5. When the  Save is clicked the system stores the current auction configuration to the database and an Auction Number is assigned to it.

The order in which these events happen is very important as they have a direct influence on how Wavebid operates and when you need to make changes so they happen when you want them.

After an auction is created in our database any changes made at the Company-level will not have any effect on the auction as the settings would not be imported anew. Only auctions created after the changes are made will have the new configuration.

One of these configurations is going to the Invoice Settings for your auction, available in Auction > Edit Settings, then in the Invoices tab.

Wavebid has the ability to let you configure what information is displayed on your invoices and how it will look on those invoices either as the default look, or as an alternate look available for email and printouts. These next few articles will give you an idea of how this functionality operates. The functionality will be more or less identical but the context in which it operates will change.

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