Invoice Settings: Create and Use Settings

When you create an auction Wavebid will import a set of defaults from your Company-wide settings to determine how the auction will behave; one of these is the Default Invoice Setting that your auction will use to generate invoices. This specific configuration determines how the invoices will look on your screen when you navigate to a buyer's invoice and which options are available when you want to email invoices or print them out, letting you change the look of your invoice depending on your needs.

Company Configuration

Wavebid includes a globally-available Company invoice setting that you can view through My Links > Company > Accounting Settings > Invoice Settings. If none has been created here you can create your own. Even if you don't configure it you will still be able to configure invoices for the specific auction that you're working with. To the view the full range of option please read our article about Company-wide Invoice Settings.

Auction Configuration

To view the current Invoice Setting that your auction is using:

  1. From the Dashboard go to your auction workspace, then go to Auction > Edit Settings.
  2. Go to the Invoices tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Invoice Settings panel.
Auction-level Invoice Settings

Auction-level Invoice Settings

Using the Default.

In the Invoice Settings there will always be a default even if nothing has been configured at the company level and it will have a checkmark enabled on it to indicate this is what Wavebid will use to generate invoices for the auction.

From the very start you will be able to configure a range of options:

Any changes made to Invoice Settings at the auction level will not flow back to the company level.

To view the current available Invoice Settings go to My Links > Company > Accounting Settings > Invoice Settings. The first time you arrive at this page you will see the message "No invoice settings found". This is normal and in these situations Wavebid will use the built-in Default for your auctions. To create a new setting click on the  Create New Invoice Settings button.

Creating a new Auction Default Setting

  1. Click  Import Company Invoice Setting.
  2. Select the Company-level Invoice Setting you wish to import into the current auction workspace.
  3. Assign it the name with which it will be registered under the current auction. The list of names will come from the list created at the company level.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Wavebid will update the Invoice Settings dropdown. If you wish to make this new setting the default for the current auction put a checkmark next to Default.
  6.  Save your auction.

When you save your auction Wavebid will refresh your invoices and if the Invoice Setting default was changed they will now be displayed using the new setting. In addition to this the system will recalculate all of the accounting data.

Each Invoice Setting functions independently of each other and will be usable when emailing or printing out an invoice.

Deleting an Auction Invoice Setting

You can delete any unused Invoice Settings to stop them from appearing as an option in the  Print button of the invoices. Only non-default Settings may be deleted.

  1. In the Invoice Settings drop-down menu select the one you would like to delete.
  2. Click the  Remove Invoice Setting button.
  3. Click Ok to confirm the deletion.

Once an Invoice Setting is deleted it cannot be recovered.

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