Reconfigure App Permissions

In the event that you did not grant permissions for the mobile to read and write to the device's storage you have a few options:

Reinstallation of the App

On both Android and iOS you can

  1. Remove the app from the device.
  2. Reboot the device.
  3. Reinstall the app from either the Google Play market or the App Store.

This will result in the app requesting permissions from scratch.

Reconfigure Permissions

The process is a bit more involved and requires knowing where the settings are but it is not hard.


In this example the device being used is a Google Nexus 5X device with Android 8.1.0.

  1. Go to the Settings for the device.
  2. Go to Apps & Notifications, tap See All Apps.
  3. Scroll down until you find the Wavebid app.
  4. In the App Info page, tap Permissions.

    Android App Info

    Android App Info

  5. In the App Permissions screen you will see two sliders:
    • Camera is the one that grants the ability for the app to use the camera of your device. If it's not enabled the app will request access every time you try to take a photo.
    • Storage is the one that allows for the app to store pictures to device storage. If it's not enabled the app will not be able to store any photos.
    Android App Permissions

    Android App Permissions

Most likely you are using a different device, but the process will be very similar to the one described above. If you are not able to reconfigure the permissions this way the best way to proceed will be removing the app entirely and reinstall it.


In this example the device being used is an Apple iPad Mini 4 with iOS 11.3.1

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. On the left panel scroll down to the Wavebid app, and tap on it.
  3. On the right panel you will see what features the app has access to.
    • Photos grants the app permission to use the Camera app. It should be Read and Write otherwise the app will not be able to store any photos to the device.
    • Camera allows for the app to use the Camera functionality to capture photos.
    • Siri & Search allows for photos and lot descriptions to show up in Spotlight results. It's not required for the app to function but it will say Search & Siri Suggestions as the default.
    Wavebid App Permissions

If you are still unable to apply this solution you can uninstall the app, reboot, and reinstall from the App Store.

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